BitSim at Big Science Lund

BitSim attended and exhibited at the BigScience Lund event November 26-27th, with over 200 attendees from the BigScience units CERN, ESS, Maxlab IV, ITER and XFEL, Swedish universities, regional organizations and industrial partners. We showed our offering in Data Acquisition such as BitSim’s FMC ADC/DAC boards. BitSim joined the BigScience Sweden organization 2019.


Machine learning collaboration at CERN

CERN, the research faciility in Switzerland and Zenuity, a new ADAS and AD Software Company owned by Volvo and Autoliv, have announced a collaboration on machine learning based on hardware acceleration. This is exactly the area we at BitSims are exploring with our new platform Spiderpig. The idea is utilize existing libraries and the Python language to quickly develop areas such as advanced object recognition and machine learning applications. See here

This announcment from CERN and Zenuity underscores the opportunities we at BitSim see in acceleration of machine learning in hardware. Read further