Some of our Partners

BitSim NOW is now a partner with Lattice.
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Xilinx logo

BitSim NOW is a Xilinx Alliance Program Member in several ways -Design Service Partner -IP partner.
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Design Reuse logo

Design & Reuse
BitSim NOW is Partner with Design &Reuse, they launched its industry leading web and B2B portal ( for the IP/SoC market in 1997. Today, with 15,000 IP/SOC product descriptions updated daily and an average of 70,000 absolute unique visitors to the site per month (source: Google Analytics), plus Design & Reuse News email broadcasts enjoyed by …
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Mentor Graphics logo

Mentor Graphics
BitSim NOW is a Questa Vanguard partner to Mentor Graphics. The Questa Vanguard Program (QVP) extends Mentor Graphics’ breadth of design and verification technologies through partnerships with industry-leading companies. QVP partners provide verification related tools and methods, verification IP, conversion services, training and consulting based on Mentor Graphics industry leading Questa verification platform. (Since 2021, has Mentor Graphics been operating as a division of Siemens under the name Siemens EDAThe program)The program … Read more here


Uppsala University logo

Uppsala University
BitSim NOW has during the years collaborated with most of the larger Universities in Sweden – Chalmers University of Technology, Linköping University, Uppsala University – as well as miscellaneous Research Institutes such as RISE SICS and RISE Acreo, IMEGO and Uppsala University’s Institute of Space Physics-IRF. Currently BitSim and Uppsala University’s Department of Earth Sciences, Geophysics …


BitSim is a Partner and participates in SmartExploration, an EU project for geophysical exploration to become more self-sufficient in metals and minerals.
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BitSim NOW has a partnership with Optronic for the production of electronics in larger series where high-quality production preparation is a hallmark. A specialty of Optonic is the production of optronics, i.e. electronics that contain some form of optics.
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BitSim NOW is partner with Entangly, a consulting company in optics, photonics and quantum technologies.
Entangly’s consultants are rooted in science and technology, each with a PhD degree and research background working with ambition to help companies and organizations deliver smart, reliable and sustainable solutions. Services include optical design, analysis, simulations and product development including prototyping and testing in our fully equipped optics lab.
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