About Us

BitSim NOW becomes part of Prevas, 2022.

In 2021 the teams moved together in Kista to form BitSim NOW.

BitSim was established in 2000, focused on FPGA and ASIC.

NOW was founded in 1985, and offered electronics development.

NOW (“Neihoff and Wallin”) was founded in 1985 by Henrik Wallin and Per Neihoff and offered electronics development. BitSim was established in 2000 by design engineers  focused on microelectronics, i.e. FPGA and ASIC. Later they added services for circuit boards and software. In 2020, the companies decided to merge and in 2021 the teams moved together in Kista to form BitSim NOW.

At BitSim NOW, we develop advanced embedded systems with sensors and processing for our customers, often developing cameras, vision technology and edge computing.

We at BitSim NOW have a well-trained and experienced staff and a well-equipped electronics lab. With structured development methods, using our quality system, we develop products and systems meeting the requirements in question.

With knowledge of what is technically and economically feasible, we can develop together with our customers appropriate ideas and projects using the latest available technology.

The majority of our assignments are carried out on in house. We handle demanding development projects with tight schedules and work closely with suppliers to enable short manufacturing lead times. We also handle serial production for a variety of customers in manufacturing, defense, and medicine.

BitSim NOW also provides consulting services for design and programming projects  on-site. We also work with investigations, design reviews and system work.

A part of Prevas

BitSim NOW is a part of Prevas, a technical consulting company that offers solutions and services for many industries. In some cases, Prevas’ solutions are developed for a specific segment. In other cases, the solutions can be used in several industries, but adapted to a certain application, area or a certain customer need. In order to make a difference with customers, competence, dynamism and innovation are important areas.

For more information see prevas.se

Completed projects

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Business management and Sales

Anders Sivard, Philip Nyströmer (former CEO), Mikael Andersson, Niclas Jansson, Jan Rydén (CEO).

Henrik Wallin

“I started NOW Electronics AB together with Per Neihoff in 1985. Over the years, we have implemented hundreds of successful projects with our customers that are in many industry segments. The solid knowledge and know-how that now exists is unique to the industry, I would say.

At the turn of the year 2020/2021, both Per and I retired, leaving the company in the safe hands of the new management.”

Head Office

Borgarfjordsgatan 13A
SE-164 40 Kista, Sweden
+46 (0)8 54 55 56 00