IR Sensor Linux – V4L SW Driver (VoSPI)

BitSim NOW has a V4L (Video4Linux) SW driver available for VoSPI.

FLIR Lepton IR sensors use a dedicated format called VoSPI, Video over SPI. MIPI CSI-2 is a standard video interface format commonly used by image sensors manufacturers.
BitSim NOW has developed an IP block – Bit-VoSPI MIPI – that bridges the two standards.

The hardware IP block by BitSim NOW, implemented in an FPGA, converts VoSPI to MIPI CSI-2.

BitSim NOW has implemented Linux support for Bit-VoSPI MIPI and we have a working demo setup.

The Software is built on Yocto – Linux + Video for Linux together with gstreamer. A histogram filter function is added to amplify the details of the IR image. And finally, a dedicated gstreamer client application has been created for the receiving PC side to handle monochrome video.

The demonstration system consists of the sensor, an FPGA card and an i.MX8 ARM board running Linux.

The BitSim NOW VoSPI FPGA IP block has been tested on Xilinx and Microchip platforms.

The BitSim NOW MIPI-CSI2 block is available for FPGAs from Xilinx, Intel and Microchip.

To read more about the BitSim VoSPI IP:

To read more about MIPI CSI-2:

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