Our services

ElectronicsElectronic Design
BitSim NOW has specialists in both analog and digital electronics. We have a long experience in programmable logic, PCI buses and embedded processors.


SoftwareSoftware Development
We develop drivers, user interfaces (GUI), and technical solutions as industrial vision and communication applications.


Camera Design
BitSim NOW has developed line-scan cameras, IR cameras, film cameras, electron microscope cameras, and other types of cameras.


VisionMachine Vision
BitSim NOW develops systems for quality control in production lines. We design complete systems, usually consisting of lighting, camera, mechanics, electronics, AI, and software.


Edge ComputingEmbedded Computing
BitSim NOW uses Embedded Computing to offload central processing and lower the need to transfer massive amounts of data.


TestingTest and Stimulus
BitSim NOW builds systems for test and stimulus for production test and product verifications. We have a vast experience of industrial measurement technologies, control and sensors, and harsh and noisy environments.


MechanicsMechanical Design
BitSim NOW has a long experience in the design of complex mechanics. We have developed products with rugged design, that are used in vacuum, radiation intensive environments, and other extremes.

Latest News:


  • Prevas acquiring BitSim NOW AB
    Prevas has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100 percent of BitSim NOW AB. BitSim NOW, with its 35 employees, is a consulting firm in Stockholm that focuses on product development. Quotes: “This is a good and complementary addition to our ambitions to consolidate our position as a premium supplier in advanced product development. Not least, we are further strengthening our ability to take on product development projects in which we take responsibility for everything from innovation to development and then verification, testing and preparation for production.” Hans-Erik Wikman, regional manager at Prevas in Stockholm. “We are happy to join as a node in Prevas’ network. This gives us good opportunities to further develop our operations and we see tremendous potential in refining and combining our excellence with Prevas’ strengths.” Philip Nyströmer, CEO of BitSim NOW AB Read more here