Testing our latest product

Usually we at BitSim help create things that are physically small, like PCBs and FPGA configuration. If we have have to use a ruler longer than 10cm we consider something to be ”large”. Not any more. Last October we performed a validation test of our latest product, and that is quite a bit bigger.

The product allows synchronous measurements to be taken over a long distance. All sensors, in this case hydrophones, can be daisy-chained. For the prototype we had a cable of 500m between the controlling electronics and the first “node” that takes the measurements from the hydrophones and sends the data to the controlling node. After that we had 20 meters between the remaining nodes. Well that was the idea, we still needed to prove that it works.

To to that we, together with partners from the Uppsala University, went to test the system. Remember that we are used to small products? This one was so big, it needed to be transported on a trailer. Since we had assembled the system in Uppsala we went there to help packing and loading the trailer. After reading the manual of the trailer a few times and some trial-and-error we got the system on the trailer and were ready to go.

Car in front of the trailer with the downhole measurement system
Everything is ready for the long drive to Ludvika

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