Would you like to display text, graphics or video on a built-in display?
Or even mix video and graphics on the display?

This becomes easy with BADGE – BitSim Accelerated Display Graphics Engine, that supports both TFT and STN display.

BADGE is a configurable IP block with an advanced 2D graphics controller for both ASIC and FPGA that offloads your processing system. With BitBlit and/or other extensions.

It is easy to use BADGE, the only external components required are a memory and a display, the processor may be a separate component or be embedded within BADGE in an FPGA or an ASIC. For video functionality, an ADC is also needed.

BADGE has been used in many areas like Industrial, Medical, Defence, Automotive and Semiconductor (as a processor with 2D acceleration). Today, over THREE million “BADGE” are out there in products around the world.

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