Machine Vision

Machine vision systems for quality control in production lines is one of BitSim NOW’s specialities. BitSim NOW designs complete systems based on standard components, or – for machines in larger quantities – with inhouse developed electronics and algorithms for optimal cost efficiency.

BitSim NOW offers expert knowledge within machine vision. We deliver consultant services and develop vision components alternatively complete tailor-made vision systems.

BitSim NOW works with image analysis applications for industrial, medical and military use. The demands are often high on both real-time aspects and reliability.

A system usually consists of lighting, camera, mechanics, computer and software. BitSim NOW has the knowledge of lighting, optics, electronics, image analysis methods and system development, needed for a successful vision project.

To read more about some of our completed projects within machine vision, scroll down a bit.

Most of our vision system deliveries are based upon our propriatory platform Automatic Vision Test System (AVT), an easy-to-use general purpose vision software developed during 10+ years. AVT is utilized in many different applications, as quality control when producing automotive instrument clusters, clay roof tiles and steel rods.


Most of BitSim NOW’s vision systems are based on a general vision platform (AVT). AVT is an advanced graphical vision environment that is designed to perform a large amount of tasks in a flexible way. AVT offers a variety of vision tools and supports all Ethernet and Firewire cameras.

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Reference projects within machine vision:

Test of safety critical software

NOW’s vision platform AVT is used for recursive tests of safety critical software. During the development of the software, new ...
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Inspection of edges on metal details

A tool has been developed for inspection of edges on metal details in a production line. The tool inspects measurements ...
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Inspection of automatic lathing

In lathing defects may occur caused by a worn or damaged lathe steel. NOW has developed a machine vision system ...
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Optical Character Verification (OCV)

NOW has developed a vision system for Optical Character Verification (OCV) . The system is used in industries where product ...
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Vision application in a production line

A vision application to inspect a mechanical detail in a production line has been designed. The application looks for defects, ...
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Measuring cooling channels

BitSim NOW has developed vision functions for integration into the customer’s machine for measuring cooling channels etc. in tool steel ...
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Inspection of production

A system has been developed for inspection of production of coaxial cables. The system continously inspects the quality of the ...
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Inspection of tinned cables

A vision system for inspection of tinned cables has been developed. The system looks for holes in the tinning. The ...
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Vision system for inspecting dashboards

BitSim NOW has developed a vision system for inspecting dashboards. The system is built using DirectShow and Microsoft Visual Studio ...
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Measurement of a pendulum

A vision application for measurement of a pendulum. The pendulum is affected by swirls of molten steel who occur when ...
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Quality control in 2D and 3D (TQC)

Vision system (Tile Quality Control, TQC) for difficult environments with Firewire cameras and audio analysis. The system is used for ...
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Vision systems for quality control of paper paths

BitSim NOW has developed a vision systems for quality control of paper paths in the paper industry. The system detects ...
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Vision system for plastic crates

A vision system for plastic crates, where the position of the handles is checked in production. The crates can’t be ...
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Checking of labels

A system for reading and checking of labels. A line-scan camera scans the label as it passes by, and a ...
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CD inspection system

BitSim NOW has developed an CD inspection system, to be integrated in a machine for manufacturing CDs. BitSim NOW made ...
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Measuring of reference marks

BitSim NOW has developed algorithms for extremely accurate (30 nm) measuring of reference marks in laser drawing machines. The reference ...
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Reference mark measurement

BitSim NOW has developed a very cost effective vision function for integration into the customer’s plate bending machine. The vision ...
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