Test and Stimulus

BitSIM NOW develops complete systems for test and stimuli for production test and product verifications. We have a vast experience of industrial measurement technologies, control and sensors, and products that withstand harsh and noisy environments.

BitSIM NOW develops equipment for production testing of electrical and physical properties of products as well as inspection systems using machine vision. We have also developed stimuli equipments that generates signals to electronic products for verification of function and reliability.

Test equipment usually consists of a mechanical fixture, test electronics, data collection devices and software. The equipment is often designed to be fully automatic or used with a minimum of interaction. Depending on the tested product’s complexity, different help functions can be built into the system, and thus simplifies trouble-shooting and repair. Test results are often stored in database.

Stimuli equipment usually simulates a product’s properties to ensure function in other parts of a system. The settings may in most cases be controlled by software to simplify the use of the system.

BitSIM NOW uses both self-developed system components and standard components from leading manufacturers. For the development of the software we use for example LabView™, Java, Xcaliper™, Visual Basic™, Visual C++™ or C.

Reference projects within Test & Stimulus:

Test system for 6 PCBs

NOW has developed a test system with beds of needles for production test of six different PCBs in a product ...
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19 inch rack emulator

NOW has developed hardware to two 19 inch racks, where the electronics emulates the functionality of another equipment. The racks ...
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Signal generator for a vector display

A signal generator for a vector display is designed. It creates the X, Y deflection signals, and all other signals ...
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Test of safety critical software

NOW’s vision platform AVT is used for recursive tests of safety critical software. During the development of the software, new ...
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Test system

BitSim NOW has developed a test system with a bed of needles for final test and calibration of a circuit ...
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Testing of cell phones batteries

A system for testing of cell phones batteries. A test-head with spring pins connect to the battery, and a Windows ...
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Video conversion equipment

BitSim NOW has developed a video conversion equipment which performs conversions between different video formats, for a test station used ...
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Production test of air-driven hand tools

For production test of air-driven hand tools BitSim NOW has developed equipment for the measurement of torque and speed with ...
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Stimulus-generation equipment

BitSim NOW has developed several generations of a stimulus-generation equipment, for a test station used to test and develop printed ...
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