We developed all the electronics and embedded SW used for a new type of rental bike system. The design consists of a tracking function, lock-management, and control functions for the rental bike operator.
The unique feature is that the bike can be parked anywhere instead of the specified stand for bicycles. The bike is rented through an app in a mobile phone or a computer. The app provides information of available bikes and where they are, and the rental period will be booked in the same app. The bike will be unlocked through the RFID card. The rental bike operator gets information about where the bikes are, if a bike is laying down, and how fast it is moving. With our accelerometer function the operator can notice if the bikes are handled carelessly. The battery is charged with a built in generator or via USB.
GPS technology is useful in many contexts that require modern navigation on land, at sea and in the air. GPS can also be used to get an extremely accurate time reference.
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a great technique in contexts that require a reliable and always available data communication. GPS and GPRS together are excellent building blocks, e.g. for applications for precise positioning, or timing.