NIMSES – a platform for evaluation of image sensors and ROICs

NIMSES is a general purpose platform for test and evaluation of FPA/ROIC/image sensors, for example IR-sensors (LWIR, HWIR, SWIR). The system can be configured for ROIC-circuits and sensors from different manufacturers, e.g. FLIR and Xenics. NIMSES may be adapted to meet customer requirements, for example may the analog interface or the image processing be optimized. BitSim NOW has effective resources for these kind of customizations.

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TQC – a platform for quality control of roof tiles

Vision system (Tile Quality Control, TQC) for difficult environments with Firewire cameras and audio analysis.

The system is used for inspection/quality control in roof tile production, both in 2D and 3D. The size of the tiles is checked, and defects in the surface and edges are detected by cameras, where micrometre-thin cracks are revealed. Additionally noise analysis is used for detecting hidden cracks inside the tile.

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We have a number of IP blocks for video, graphics, Big Data, and data acqusition.

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