BitSim NOW has a long experience in the design of complex mechanics.

Our knowledge in materials, coatings and production methods allows us to develop products with rugged design, that are used in vacuum, radiation intensive and other extreme environments.

We also pursue:
•   Industrial design where demands on performance and usability are high
•   Verification and certification against different standards and directives
•   Production preparations in our customers production lines to secure quality and effectiveness in production

Our preferred choice of CAD tool is SOLIDWORKS, but we have skills in other tools as well.

Reference projects within mechanics:

Test system for 6 PCBs

NOW has developed a test system with beds of needles for production test of six different PCBs in a product ...
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19 inch rack emulator

NOW has developed hardware to two 19 inch racks, where the electronics emulates the functionality of another equipment. The racks ...
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Boresight Camera

Monochrome CMOS camera för Weapon Alignment Equipment and Target Tracking Evaluation Systems Sensor: Aptina MT9M021 Resolution 768×576 Max frame rate ...
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Inspection of automatic lathing

In lathing defects may occur caused by a worn or damaged lathe steel. NOW has developed a machine vision system ...
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Inspection of bending

Within a very short time frame, BitSim NOW developed a vision system for inspection of bending. The system with two ...
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Measuring cooling channels

BitSim NOW has developed vision functions for integration into the customer’s machine for measuring cooling channels etc. in tool steel ...
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Inspection of production

A system has been developed for inspection of production of coaxial cables. The system continously inspects the quality of the ...
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Inspection of tinned cables

A vision system for inspection of tinned cables has been developed. The system looks for holes in the tinning. The ...
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Military CCD Camera with image processing

A complete CCD camera for military use, including mechanics, electronics and software, has been developed by BitSim NOW. The camera ...
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Vision system for inspecting dashboards

BitSim NOW has developed a vision system for inspecting dashboards. The system is built using DirectShow and Microsoft Visual Studio ...
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Quality control in 2D and 3D (TQC)

Vision system (Tile Quality Control, TQC) for difficult environments with Firewire cameras and audio analysis. The system is used for ...
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TFT Display

Embedded 8.4@ TFT display with software, mechanics and image processing. Used in military operator systems under harsh environments for displaying ...
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Checking of labels

A system for reading and checking of labels. A line-scan camera scans the label as it passes by, and a ...
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Testing of cell phones batteries

A system for testing of cell phones batteries. A test-head with spring pins connect to the battery, and a Windows ...
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Video conversion equipment

BitSim NOW has developed a video conversion equipment which performs conversions between different video formats, for a test station used ...
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Military memory module

Development of a portable military memory module and its holder, for use in a tank. The mechanical design is very ...
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Stimulus-generation equipment

BitSim NOW has developed several generations of a stimulus-generation equipment, for a test station used to test and develop printed ...
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