Embedded Imaging

BitSim is a design house that develops electronics for detectors; for example cameras, systems for seismic exploration, alarm systems etc. The design is formed by your functional requirements such as speed, power consumption, signal processing and storage capacity.

We help you to develop your camera, camera interface, network interface or other types of interfaces. Medical cameras might need avalanche photon sensors, IR-sensors or X-Ray sensors.

The camera sensor might need a custom interface, a MIPI-CSI2, Camera link or just an SPI interface.  Video is buffered in chip internal RAM or using DDR2 or DDR3 memory as well as Flash memory.

To access the cloud or host computer, high speed internet access is needed. BitSim can feed Video streams via the RTP protocol on top of our IP UDP Ethernet IP Block in 1G or 10G speeds, all accelerated in HW.

BitSim’s Pistonhead platform with a board design and an FPGA filled with IP blocks contains all the modules to build your Ethernet camera, enabling you to accelerate your design cycle and spend more time on your product’s unique features. Instantiate the chain of blocks and build a multi-sensor camera to increase your view or to mix different types of sensors.