AVT – Automatic Vision Test

Automatic Vision Test (AVT) is an advanced vision platform that can perform many different tasks in a flexible way. Using the configure mode graphical user interface with “drag and drop” functionality, the different vision tests are easily added by the user.

The password protected operator mode presents the test results in a simple and informative manner.

The systemet supports an unlimited number of camera och sound sorces from the largest manufacturers in industrial vision.



  • Unlimited number of cameras (Firewire, Ethernet, USB)
  • Support for Area scan, Line scan and 3D cameras
  • General vision tests: edge, line, circle and reference point with measuring tools for distance, angle et cetera.
  • Specialized vision tests: LED, Bargraph, Segment display, TFT display, Matrix display, Gauge, Template matching, barcode (1D och 2D).
  • TCP/IP-based network protocol for the communication between the customer test computer and AVT.